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Stewards of West Virginia University


to a better option

We provide an alternative solution to WVU's Transformation Plan.

Using the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity, our plan proposes only 3 workforce reductions and still saves WVU $45 Million.

The current Transformation Plan involves 32 program cuts and estimated involuntary workforce reductions of 219-429


Subsidiarity involves organizing the various functions of society in a way that nurtures the vitality of the community

Solidarity represents the moral quality that empowers us to collectively embrace the abundance of resources

How the Plan Works:

  • Involuntary workforce reduction:  $1.9 million

  • Estimated replacement cost: $1.2 million

  • Estimated saving: $0.7 million​

  • Operating expense reduction of the General Institutional Service Function/Classification: $21.0 million​

  • Estimated savings from voluntary/planned retirements: $9.7 million

  • 2.4% across-the-board salary reduction for all other WVU employees: $13.6 million

Total: $45.0 million

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